frequently asked questions

Do I need to be flexible in order to do yoga?

No, yoga is much more than flexibility or being able to get into the craziest posture. The subtleties of yoga are the most important elements of practice. If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

What are some of the benefits of a yoga practice?

Yoga is different from most other workouts as it addresses focused concentration and meditation which improves your mental and emotional well-being. Yoga is also a wonderful form of self-care that is designed to gently bend, stretch and twist your spine. Spinal health and proper alignment is required for good overall health. It is most beneficial to have a spine that is able to move freely-hence allowing your bodily systems to perform at their best.

I am new to yoga. Can I start with any of your classes?

Yes, OmMotion works with all levels in all classes and it is not uncommon for people new to yoga to come to a Primary Series class. Class sizes are small enough that personalized attention is always given, no matter what your experience level.

How often should I practice?

As often as you can and want to. Traditional Ashtanga practices 6-days/week taking new moon, full moon and Saturdays off. While this may not be practical for you, simply doing yoga one time per week is certainly very benificial. When you are starting out, practice at least one time/week and work up to practicing 2-3 times/week.

How long does it take to progress in yoga?

The beauty of yoga is there is no race, no goals, no where to go to but here. Everyone learns yoga at different levels and stages. You may find while starting out in this practice that you are pretty tight (which is very common especially for those who play sports or run.) Then after coming for a while, you start to notice that you can now actually touch your toes! You gain some momentum, and then, nothing changes for a while as you plateau. And then one day you will do another posture you have never done before. We encourage people to accept wherever they are in their yoga process rather than constantly judging their practices as good or bad. Yoga is really about being wherever you are and accepting wherever that may be.

Why do we chant in the beginning of class?

Chanting is an excellent way to become centered on the mat and to separate yourself from the outside world, the “to-do” lists and stress. Chanting is very good for your lungs as it requires deep breaths. It is also part of a 5,000 year old tradition and a beautiful way to begin the practice.

Is yoga a religion?

No, but it can enhance your spiritual practice if you have one.
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When YOGA became a routine part of my life I saw a dramatic change in my body. For the first time I finally understood and connected the ability to engage and pursue CORE STRENGTH. On my journey of personal fitness, I know now there isn't another form of exercise that utilizes and builds my core strength like yoga. Every single poise, every single practice my core is ON. This was a revelation for me. Beyond core strength, the repetitive routine of Ashtanga Yoga brings great mediation, emotional peace and mindful awareness. When regular yoga practice is part of my life I'm guaranteed personal, emotional and physical greatness. I know that now. OmMotion Yoga, and Catherine Langer's profound knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga has provided me with the foundation necessary to continue my dedication and life practice of yoga. A life changer. A necessity. A peace. A breath. A way of life. Yoga.