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At OmMotion we believe that yoga is about letting go of results and coming to a place of peace and acceptance of all that is. If practiced on a regular basis, yoga can act as a tool for daily living. It is a time for you, which in turn positively affects all who are in your life. In times of stress, yoga can act as a calming balm as we pause and take time to just be, without judgement of ourselves or others. Each time you step on your mat, it is an opportunity to realign, sweat, cleanse, stretch, strengthen, focus and meditate.

OmMotion specializes in the style of yoga called Ashtanga. Ashtanga is a physical and flowing form of yoga, with the focus of importance placed on the breath. Guruji, the father of Ashtanga Yoga would say, “This is a breathing practice. The rest is just bending!” It is the practice of breath awareness and through that, what we think is impossible becomes possible through a simple yet profound act. Anyone can do yoga. Any age, any ability. All that is needed is a willingness to practice and breathe.

OmMotion’s studio is an intimate space where you will receive personal attention from instructors who embrace the ideals of Ashtanga. Classes offered here range from kids, teen, adults, sport teams, special groups to yoga privates.

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catherine demonstrates sun salutation, part of the primary series

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instructor bios

catherine langer, certified yoga instructor

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Trained by Ashtanga Yoga Senior Teachers David Swenson, Manju Jois, David Williams and Michael Gannon. Forever grateful for my teachers; Lynn Thomasberg, Michelle Lynn, Sophia Karos, Margaret Hall, John Steele, my students and my personal practice. Trained with Sydney Solis and Storytime Yoga and Kino MacGregor. Also trained with Master Chunyi Lin’s Spring Forest Qigong.

Blessed by my supportive husband Mike and my personal guru and son, Caden. This yoga has been a huge influence on me in the most beautiful and positive way. I love sharing my passion for this practice with everyone.

“My mission at OmMotion is to make yoga a tool for daily living, growth and personal acceptance. To teach compassion and respect for the Ashtanga tradition by providing a safe, open and tranquil learning environment. Most importantly, to inspire others that a commitment to practice can positively impact our families, our communities and our world.”

“Real yoga is invisible to the observer” -David Williams

juli englander, certified yoga instructor

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Although solidly grounded in Ashtanga Yoga, Juli has practiced a variety of yoga styles for 10 years. She has trained in workshops over the years with a range of teachers from Govinda, Dharma Mittra, Sharon Gannon & David Life out of NYC's Jivamukti Center, Michael Gannon & Kino McGregor to name a few.

Teacher training completed with Manju Jois and David Swenson in Ashtanga Yoga. In the words of Pattabhi Jois, “Practice and all is coming” has been her mantra. If anyone is testimony to the transformation yoga provides, it is herself.

Graduating as a dental hygienist from the University of Minnesota, Juli still practices dental hygiene part-time in a private dental practice. Her education and experience in the health field instills an added benefit to teaching yoga. From anatomy, physiology & nutrition to pranayama, asanas & vinyasa, Juli can support a student’s journey into yoga whether they are a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer.

carrie senske, STOTT pilates instructor in mat and CORE foundations

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Trained in STOTT pilates by Fitness Gurus Jill Winegar and Kelly Dormady at the Sweatshop in St. Paul, MN. Carrie has been a certified Mat Pilates Instructor for over 8 years. Carrie's repertoire includes Pilates with Props, Foam Roller Challenge, fitness ball work and Pre-natal Pilates. She also has experience in Pilates for Men and most recently a CORE foundations certification. Carrie continues to educate herself through workshops at the Sweatshop bringing back dynamic workouts for her students.

Carrie lives in Deephaven with her husband Peter and two children, Tor and Bryn. Carrie is a full time Physical Education teacher in the Orono School District. Carrie loves to share her passion for health and fitness by working with children and adults.
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I came to OmMotion because a friend recommended it. I had never tried yoga before and I was nervous. I called Cat first and she encouraged me to come and just try it. Little did I know, but that small decision would change my life. Yoga at OmMotion is a warm, welcoming experience which at the same time is challenging. My body, and more importantly, my spirit, have become stronger and healthier. Catherine has guided me as an individual in this journey- she knows my injuries and where I can push myself further. I am constantly growing and improving. I love it there!