class descriptions

ashtanga primary series

This amazing system of yoga is fathered by world renowned Yoga Guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois from Mysore, India. The Primary Series is a set of postures that flow together using a specific breathing technique and movement. It encourages symmetry and purification. Beginners are welcome! Class sizes are intimate enough to take the time to show modifications for poses. Join us while we sweat, feel the energy of connectedness, practice acceptance and most importantly-have FUN!


Postures from the first and second series.

1/2 Primary Series

This class is most of the primary series without doing a vinyasa between poses working the right and left side.

intro to ashtanga

(Adults and Teens are welcome) Experience how this yoga can improve your state of mental, physical and emotional health, all while connecting with fellow friends and neighbors in our community. Questions are welcomed and encouraged. We will slowly break apart the Primary Series while providing modifications for each posture. Concepts explored include flowing poses, internal energy, breath control and meditation. This is a six week class including a viewing of an inspiring documentary on Ashtanga yoga. This class is good for those completely new to yoga as well as those who have been practicing and would like to review the fundamentals of Ashtanga as well as get back into the swing of a consistent practice.


“Mysore practice” is for ALL levels, beginners to advanced practitioners. This class is different from a led Primary Series class as the students practice from memory and at their own pace. It is the traditional way yoga was taught in India. You do not need to know the entire sequence or any of it as the teacher will come around and assist those who need it. The teacher is there to study each student and offer personal suggestions and adjustments. It is very much like receiving a private class within a group setting. Mysore is a wonderful class full of options for students to deepen their practice and allows students to move at their own pace.

dive deeper into ashtanga workshop

Ashtanga Three-day Workshop
Perfect for students who have a regular practice or have taken the Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga class and have been practicing for a while. The goal in this three-day workshop is to cover poses that we don't have time to cover in a Primary Series class in a workshop format. Questions are encouraged. In addition to the physical poses-we will re-visit the fundamentals which are 'key' to Ashtanga, as well as discuss some of the philosophies of this yoga and how it relates to the practice.
Day 1: Breathing/Sun Salutations/standing poses
Day 2: Standing poses/vinyasa/seated poses
Day 3: Seated/inversions/back-bends
Pre-registration is required as this class size is limited so personal attention can be given to each student. Cost is $108/person.

qigong workshop

This is a 7,000 year old ancient healing art from China. Qigong works to balance your energy, tap into your own healing abilities, reduce stress and increase self-awareness. Qigong exercises are slow and subtle. But don't let these easy, simple movements of Qigong fool you-they are very powerful. I find Qigong and Yoga together form a complete mind/body/spirit practice. I believe it is a doorway to understanding the other 7 limbs of this 8 limbed path called Ashtanga Yoga.

In this workshop we will cover:
• A brief history on Qigong and specifically Spring Forest Qigong
• The purpose of practicing Qigong and its benefits including removing energy blockages to allow our "chi" to flow freely
• Causes of energy blockages
• Learning three active (gentle) Spring Forest Qigong exercises
• Listening to seated meditations from Spring Forest Qigong
• Learning how to incorporate Qigong in our daily lives

teen yoga

In this class we will explore different ways to slow down, reflect and to focus on our breath. Based on the Ashtanga Primary Series, we will do sun salutations, balancing poses, strengthening poses, back-bends, inversions and deep relaxation. This is a non-competitive class welcome to all abilities-great for teens who need some time to just simply BE.

kids yoga

A FUN filled class that introduces many yoga concepts such as sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses and relaxation techniques. Other activities include games, crafts and stories. Kids are encouraged to express themselves by leading parts of the class as well as taking time to quiet themselves and listen to their inner wisdom. We will also explore the exercises and meditations from Qigong, an ancient healing art form from China that dates back over 7000 years. All classes are designed to create awareness of mind, body and spirit. A great introduction to an alternative non-competetive activity.

yoga parties

Book-clubs, college friends, neighbors, work-out pals, girls night out or couples date night--if you would like to arrange for a yoga party email me to set a date. I provide the class or workshop and serene setting-you can bring the wine and/or food for an evening of FUN!
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I like going to OmMotion because a lot of my friends are there and it is a great time. I like Cat's teaching because you get to know yourself better and you get to do more things that you couldn't before. Yoga and Cat as a teacher help you become one with yourself. Yoga helps you learn how to control your mind and body.
-Dylan, 5th Grade
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You tell people you do yoga and they immediately picture someone standing on one leg with the other leg wrapped around their head, arms raised to the sky. Let me assure you, that’s more a circus move than it is yoga. Yoga is about moving to your breath, developing your own practice, and being happy with what you can do. The people who come to OmMotion come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and experiences, all walks of life. The atmosphere is low key, relaxed and encouraging. The short time you take to breathe and stretch fortifies you for another busy day and to handle whatever life will throw at you. The studio is a refuge and the instructor is patient, funny, approachable and down to earth. If you have been thinking about trying a yoga class, come and sit in on one. Just being there will make you feel better.