class schedule

OmMotion publishes their class schedule through Google Calendars, so it is always updated, easy to access and bookmark. Link is below, and also at the bottom of every page of this site.
If you do not see a class on the schedule that fits your needs for any age group, contact OmMotion to set up a group or to put your name on a list to be notified if a group of interest forms. All that is needed is a minimum of 6 participants to create a class! Private Instruction is also available.
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Teachers I have learned the most from in my life have one thing common: passion for their work. Passion for the practice of yoga and, maybe even more importantly, passion for the person practicing yoga, is simply what OmMotion is about. Cat brings a heartfelt concern and dedication to her students: both for their yoga practice and for them as individuals and friends. She has helped me push past boundaries that I once thought were impossible. I would think of going nowhere else than OmMotion.
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